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08 Jan
Self awareness, conquer fear, fear, overcome

When we realize that very few of the experiences that we go through in our lives are in our control, two things can happen… chaos or bliss. Chaos can lead to a life of fear, suffering, attempting to control EVERYTHING or shutting ourselves off from the unknown. Bliss can lead to openness, vulnerability, courage, awareness or being brave enough to welcome the unknown.

When facing a situation that seems as if there is no way we can survive it, we can look outwards for a way to fight and beat it. However, we can look within ourselves, our true self, and know that there is no way it can even touch us. Then, we can be truly aware. When we choose this path we live in peace and harmony, we still go through these experiences, however we learn how to welcome and learn from them (maybe even play with them) and pass through.

What would it feel like if we could see outer experiences for what they are… OUTER experiences? What would it feel like if we could see inner experiences for what they are… INNER and REAL experiences? What would it feel like if we could get the gorilla to sit with us instead of letting him or her hurt us? What would it be like if we can let the gorilla love and be with us and vice versa?

… Fuck yes!!! It would be BLISS!!!

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