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Our mission: Find the outliers. Interact with the outliers. Create a community of outliers.

We created this website with the mission of bringing some light to people that are searching to create a better life for themselves. However, they are people who are willing to take responsibility of their life and are willing to show up and make it happen. We are living in the technology era, and there’s more information available than ever. Moreover, we are finding ourselves in a world of information overload. So many times, we have heard from someone who knows what they want to do. However, they can’t seem to find information on the subject or they are inundated with “experts” that have the “secret sauce” to do it.

With so much information online, so many people trying to make money from your dreams and our attention span being so limited, we are getting used to instant gratification. We want to find what we are looking for immediately. How many times have you gone online looking for certain information and have ended up, two hours later, realizing that you have just spent two hours of your time watching cat videos or “so called experts” on Youtube?

Making the decision of wanting to create a better life for yourself and your family may seem obvious, but it’s certainly easier said than done. While making this decision is not easy, it’s even harder following through and sticking to your guns. Since there are so many distractions out there, at times it may seem the world is out to making sure you forget your plan and stay in your comfort zone. Our mission is to create a community of people that have made up their minds, take the responsibility to do it and want to share their path to do it.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of this site is to create a place where you can find the information you need to take that next step in creating the life you want. The first step is making the decision, if you haven’t made this decision keep looking for it and when you find it, come back. The idea here is to bring empowering information on many different subjects (from health and wellness to spirituality resources or financial advice) to people who have made the decision.  We hope to create a place where the initial search has been made, therefore making it easier to find what you are looking for faster.

At Conquer This Now we hope our dream of helping others can help make a difference in your life. Also, we look forward to hearing of any feedback or comments that can help us make this site better for all of us. In conclusion, we feel honored to share this mission with you and hopefully help you Conquer This Now, whatever your “THIS” might be at the moment.

We love you!

Welcome to #ConquerThisNow!

We want to let everyone know we are still working on our page. We wanted to share this process with everyone so that you could share any feedback you might have. It’s much better than a “Under Construction” page!


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