The Empowerment Revolution

1 Corinthians 13:11

05 Feb

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

1 Corinthians 13:11

Our body naturally notices and knows how to put the body of childhood behind. Unfortunately, our mind does not. Ironically, our childhood mind hooks us into believing that THIS is who we are, and the more we interact with it, the more it hooks us until our mind doesn’t notice it’s stuck, and we are missing out on our actual growth. Our mind is actually getting stuck in that primitive state. More importantly, our minds are teaching our children’s minds to do the same. Our minds are presently in a moment in time when they are not put in situations where they can grow and let go… even worse, they cannot teach younger ones to do the same.

However, our bodies and souls are living in a time where they have the luxury to not have to worry about worldly dangers as their ancestors had to. This means, as a whole, society can begin to play around with the idea of teaching minds to put the ways of childhood behind them. Ironically, this may be done by going back to the childhood mind. However, it has to be done consciously, intentionally, skillfully and openly.

As souls in this world, we need to learn the differences between our minds and our realities; we need to learn how to differentiate who we currently are, who we were, and who we will be in this world. We need to learn the difference of our thoughts and our current reality. More importantly, we need to understand; none of them is who we truly are.

I admit, it’s going to be a wild and interesting journey. However, it might be the one our soul is waiting the mind and heart to take. My current heart and mind has seen my true soul and a shift in awareness has been brought to life. It has been one of the most beautiful and excruciating moments in this lifetime and my “self” wouldn’t recommend it, if it weren’t worth it… it is.


09 Jan

And… the phone rings, the email notification goes off, the Instagram app lets you know one of the people you follow uploaded a new story, that story leads to a Facebook post, that Facebook post leads to checking your timeline, in your timeline you get lost for 20 minutes until… you get a text, the text let’s you know there’s a cool What’s App post you have to check out, which brings you to… NOT GOING!

Focus, focus, focus!!!


08 Jan
Self awareness, conquer fear, fear, overcome

When we realize that very few of the experiences that we go through in our lives are in our control, two things can happen… chaos or bliss. Chaos can lead to a life of fear, suffering, attempting to control EVERYTHING or shutting ourselves off from the unknown. Bliss can lead to openness, vulnerability, courage, awareness or being brave enough to welcome the unknown.

When facing a situation that seems as if there is no way we can survive it, we can look outwards for a way to fight and beat it. However, we can look within ourselves, our true self, and know that there is no way it can even touch us. Then, we can be truly aware. When we choose this path we live in peace and harmony, we still go through these experiences, however we learn how to welcome and learn from them (maybe even play with them) and pass through.

What would it feel like if we could see outer experiences for what they are… OUTER experiences? What would it feel like if we could see inner experiences for what they are… INNER and REAL experiences? What would it feel like if we could get the gorilla to sit with us instead of letting him or her hurt us? What would it be like if we can let the gorilla love and be with us and vice versa?

… Fuck yes!!! It would be BLISS!!!

Life’s Enlightened Grinder

09 Dec

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned over more than 25 years of working with and learning about people, it’s that everyone has a story and that story affects everything more than people think. The old half full/empty glass of water is the perfect example. This is why you can have such contradicting reviews on just about everything online. Some may think it’s the best book they’ve ever read and some may think it’s the worst. Who’s right or wrong?  I think everything in one’s life depends on the person’s story and what they tell themselves every day.

That’s why I believe when I write as Life’s Enlightened Grinder it’s not actually what I write that’s important to you, the most important thing is how you interpret what I write. I invite you to read what I write from a place of introspection. How does it make you feel or think and why? I’ve noticed that the most important lessons I’ve learned in life have been when they come from a place of introspection, when I look inside me for the answers rather than any place externally.

We’re all different and our stories lead us to think and feel differently on many things. My intention with this blog is not to impose my view of things onto you, rather to put things out there for you to ponder and think about what you feel or think about it and why.

Ultimately, I think if you’re reading this and have somehow found this page, it’s because you’re on a journey to be better. I’ve found when I think and read in to my story at certain times and asked myself WHY is this my story? WHY am I telling myself this and is it really working for me? If it’s not working for me, why am I still doing it and how do I change my story into one that does help me be better?

This is the hard part and this is when we allow resistance and negative emotions to kick in… this is also when we have to look inward the most, these feelings and emotions will most likely lead us to the problem and solution we are looking for. I believe this is when the conquering happens,when we dare to go into the darkness and go through whatever it stores and make it to the other side. We learn everything we can from it and use it as power for the next step. This is when we conquer.

I hope this helps. I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to always write from a place of love, gratitude and servitude to you and your journey.

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