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Health and Wellness is more than just eating right or exercising. We believe there’s more than that. Yes, nutrition is very important for a healthy life, but health and wellness is about much more, it’s a balance in all things.

Therefore, Dr. Bill Hettler – co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI) – developed a model commonly referred to as the Six Dimensions of Wellness. We recommend you download this pdf explaining the different areas we need to work on when we’re considering this subject. These “six dimensions” are:

  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

In conclusion, we believe this is a great take on this subject. Since it covers all of the basic areas, it will bring you closer to a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, in this website we hope to provide you with some resources you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Also, you will be able to see and share videos of others going through the same journey. Finally, we suggest you go over the site to find the fire you need to get you started.

Due to so much content on this subject, we suggest you go over the whole site and the different hubs. Especially, we suggest the spirituality hub. Also the gym hub.  Furthermore, we hope you find that light you’re looking for. Finally, let the journey begin!

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Finally, let’s drink some great smoothies, eat some fruits and some healthy food together.

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One of the most important aspects of health and wellness is our eating discipline and routine. The truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, if we don’t care about what we do with our bodies, we won’t have the energy or time to achieve what we want in life.

This is why we are committed to help you with your diet through this website. Every week we give out a recipe. Some might be vegetarian or vegan and some just regular healthy recipes that will help us make the best of our diet and eating discipline.

Click the link below for some delicious healthy recipes. We hope you enjoy and it helps you Conquer This Now!

Healthy Recipes

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