The Empowerment Revolution

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Who we are not

It might be easier to let you know who we are not, this way we don’t waste your time.

  • We are not a “one trick gimmick” that will make you successful overnight.
  • We are not the almighty and easy answer to overcome all of your obstacles.
  • We are not “know it all’s” that will solve all of your problems.
  • We are not someone that will give you the “proven steps” or “secret sauce” to success.
  • We are not here to TELL you what you have to do to create the life you want.

If you are looking for any of the above, we respectfully advise you to look somewhere else, there are thousands if not millions of people that promise you that.

Who we are

So, who are we? And, why should we deserve your attention? We are you!

It’s more about creating a community of empowerment for people who are committed to progress by people who are committed to progress. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines progress as “to develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage.” That’s what we are creating here, a community that is committed to take their life to the next step.

It’s about sharing what we believe can help you in your journey of progress. More importantly, it’s about listening, giving people who are truly committed and willing to take responsibility for everything in their life, a platform where they can be heard and where they can find the tools to help them create the life they want. We’re here to give you the options we believe will help you get there (from personal experience) and the platform to feel free to share with others what has worked for you.

There isn’t ONE or a HUNDRED things we can do to make this happen, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset and belief that you can do it a little bit at a time. It’s the small daily achievements that we continue to do until, before we know it, we are at a whole other level.


It’s about creating a community of empowerment! It’s about connecting with you, sharing our path to be better and giving you the information we used to get there.

So, this is not about us, It’s about YOU!

As a result, this is a community with one mission, Help and Empower people!

Because life is not easy, it’s hard. Consequently, many of us are just going along for the ride. So, we don’t even notice it. In addition, we think we’re the only ones that have problems. And we think we can’t do anything with the direction of our lives. While we let life happen.


However, we can change, we can learn, we can decide, we can choose, we can adapt. We can make what we want out of life! We’re here to help the ones that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and willing to take 100% responsibility of their life. Moreover, we’re here to help empower. While, giving everything we can, to help people create the life they want.

At Conquer This Now we hope our dream of helping others can make a difference in your life. Also, we look forward to hearing your feedback or comments, so that we can make this site better for all of us. In conclusion, we feel honored to share this mission with you and hopefully help you Conquer This Now, whatever your “THIS” might be at the moment.

Finally, we love you!

Welcome to #ConquerThisNow!

We want to let everyone know we are still working on our page. We wanted to share this process with everyone so that you could share any feedback you might have. It’s much better than a “Under Construction” page!


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